I would like to be known as Ava, this is not my real name but because this blog is going to discuss difficult topics in my life, as I draw from experiences I would really wish to be known by this name.

I am a 28 year old, woman. Born to a Christian mother, my father was not Christian though. This blog is my journey with Christ, I'm making it public in hopes that it may reach and somehow be fruitful and help other people too.

I live in a third-world country, India, and I do feel all the loneliness and feelings of alienation that come from not knowing other Christians that well. Or knowing the Christians that don't feel like the Christians Jesus asked us to be. 

This is not to judge as I know we all fail, but rather a probably poor attempt to capture my feelings of being stationed in a place where it's hard to find people like my own and feeling the oppression every day.

I hope the blog will act as a place of Godly focus away from personal prayer times for me and also a way to connect with other Christians 😊

I hope you enjoy the reads, and leave comments that are in the spirit of Jesus! And most of all, I hope and pray this blog will become a safe place for other Christians too.